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Bitterroot Audubon’s Education Program focuses on educating the general public about local birds and the habitats they occupy. This goal is met through our monthly speaker series, educational field trips, and specific programming.

For adults, we offer classes such as Beginning Birding and Winter Raptor Identification. Please check our calendar to find out about upcoming classes.

Bitterroot Audubon is proud to offer the Byron Weber Memorial Scholarship to students of at least sophomore standing in a natural resource field. To learn more about this scholarship and for an application, click here. Application deadlines are August 31st for fall semester and December 31st for spring semester.

Sponsors needed for Audubon Adventures

Bitterroot Audubon is proud to offer Audubon Adventures once again to teachers and students around the valley for no cost. This resource is free because generous Bitterroot Audubon members provide donations to cover the fees for all the materials. This year we currently have over 300 students that are excited to learn about birds with this program, this is currently 14 different classrooms across the valley.

NEW 2015-16! Action for Planet Earth
Classroom Kit with print and online components. Three topics focusing on protecting Earth’s natural resources.

  1. Why and how to protect habitats that are home to all living things.
  2. Sources of and challenges to essential clean water resources and how to preserve them.
  3. Different forms and sources of energy and their pros and cons.
  4. Student newspaper for each topic in printed form plus online interactive features, teacher guide, e-newsletter subscription, and resources.

To sponsor a classroom, please make your check payable to:
Bitterroot Audubon and send it to-

Bitterroot Audubon
Attn: Audubon Adventures
P.O Box 326, Hamilton, MT 59840
For more information or to register a program, teachers should contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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